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Influencer Marketing

What's Influencer Marketing and how does Influma?
Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions on the subject Influencer Marketing , Content Marketing and blogger relations.

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Influma is a search engine that you are targeting with your content marketing strategy support and helps you to find the key influencers and the most shared articles in the social media.
Influma like other search engines can easily avail: First, enter a relevant text in the search box and press the search. You will then receive a list of results with the most popular articles on your topic. The popularity of an article is the sum of Likes, retweets and Favorisierungen in the various social networks at Influma. The larger the sum, the above is a contribution in the results. In addition, you can customize the search results by various filters according to your needs. So, you can filter the search by various time intervals and by selecting different websites. Find your subject even more targeted and search for example only on corporate blogs or news portals. Vary the time of the search by example Select only This Week or the past 2 weeks to get the most current posts.
The search results are ranked in descending Influma according to their popularity. The greater the number of Likes, retweets and Favorisierungen in the social media, the higher ranked a contribution Influma. In addition to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and the positive reviews at LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon and Xing are counted in Influma.
Influencer is derived from the English (to influence, dt. Influence) from and describes a person with great notoriety or positive reputation in the social media. On the Internet, especially bloggers and people with many relevant content on social networking sites have become opinion leaders. The most important criterion of influencers is its credibility and persuasiveness that they have worked out with informative and above all independent contributions. Above all, Influencer but distinguished by their large network of followers, you actively reach and engage in discussions.
Other synonyms for influencer groups include Opinion makers, opinion leaders, influencers and brand ambassadors.
Influencer marketing is a new direction in Digital Marketing, influential bloggers and people are used with many followers in the social media for marketing purposes in the. These influencers are equipped with quality posts on a good reputation among their followers and have a trust advantage over companies. For the successful marketing of products provides Influencer Marketing therefore a new, efficient channel. Influma helps you to find those influencers, analyze, store them in focus and to contact lists.
Social Media Relations is a field of online PR and describes the contact and the relationship with target groups or -People in the social networks. Target groups can be as well as potential customers both bloggers and influencers. In the center of the social media relations, the interaction between industry stands with their target audiences and influencers. The feedback and responses from this exchange can the company provide important insights that they can integrate into their marketing strategy.
Content marketing is a marketing strategy, which is sent with informative and relevant content to the target groups, in order to convince them of the benefits of the product or the company. Classic advertising promises no longer work and are hardly likely or accepted by the target groups. With content marketing concepts, the sales approach has changed, because instead of the product or brand, now on the needs of the target group in the foreground.
The term blogger relations refers to both the correct address and contact with key bloggers. The relationship with bloggers can improve a company's reputation so far that bloggers increasingly positive about the product, if you are satisfied with the model and the communication of a company.
The targeted search for videos is currently still in the testing phase. Once the function is available,we will inform you.
The Influencer speech at Influma via the available social media profiles and e-mail. The e-mail addresses at Influma derived from voluntary and publicly visible to the blogger. Influma thus relieves you of research opportunities contact and offers about the available profiles, the possibility Build blogger relations and to network with key influencers.
You can write your own blog or a favorite of you blog easily register with Influma.Under Blog can be found on the form, in which you can enter not only the URL, but also information can make social media accounts or the category of the blog.
Influma offers the possibility also texts that were found outside Influma, to consider the social signal and the Influma index. For that, you need only the title of the article found insert into the search field of Influma and to display the results.The other functions, such as storing items or the consequences of websites, are also possible.
The basic functions, such as start searches or save Influencer, are free. A detailed overview of other features and pricing models there are here.